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"UNICORN GLOW" consists of color shifting glittery powders which are ultra bright, super sparkly, lightweight iridescent color additives which appear as a white, semi-irridescent powder until rubbed on the skin ; even brighter against darker tones!

Perfect 4 Dollz that love extra sparkle & Glam;)

On this page you are ordering ALL 4 COLORS!! (5 gram jars)

Sun Goddess shifts from sparkly white to a Gold-ish tone
•Mer-bae shifts from sparkly white to a Pink-ish/Purple tone
•Unicorn Tears shifts from sparkly white to a Blue-ish tone
•Moon Majesty shifts from sparkly white to a Green-ish tone

You can apply the "Unicorn Glow" lightly for a transparent look or heavier to see wider ranges of color and give a stronger, better luster..Mix with other shadows for a cleaner color range & intensified brightness or use solo as instant Highlighter !!

**Please Note!**
All the ingredients in these products meet the FDA criteria for general cosmetic use, including eye use. However we have not yet confirmed with the FDA regarding the permissibility of the product's use around the eyes due to the micron size of the particles. At this time we are not making any positive statements with regard to the use of the product around the eye area so please use at OWN Discretion!**


"UNICORN GLOW" is easy to apply and is best used after applying our glitter primer or any cosmetic adhesive that is safe for the eyes!

Once you have applied the primer, simply collect "UNICORN GLOW" using either your finger or a small make up brush and pat down, building up as much as you desire!

You're rdy for ur close up Doll!!