SHEER PHANTA-SEA “Ice Glaciers” Gel Flakes

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Introducing "Inked Doll's" ICE GLACIER Gel Flakes!!

SHEER PHANTA-SEA (Sea-Blue Iridescent White)

… A new line of sparkling crystal Gel Flakes inspired by the beauty of Winter & the strength and ability of Ice Glaciers!

Ice Glaciers are made up of fallen snow that over years have turned into thick ice masses ; what makes them unique is their ability to flow… due to sheer mass, flowing like very slow rivers..

Wintertime is a time of reflection for self & for a lot a time of mental battles & struggles ; take strength from the glaciers & break through the ice, break through the snow caps until you find peace in the winding river …. 

The cold front is here.. melt down dem basics w/ sum icy cold lookzzz!! U can do it.. WE CAN DO IT!!

XoXo! Harmony;)

.❤ Available in: 

10 gram jars ($6.99) 

20 gram jar ($9.99) 

❤ Ingredients: Cosmetic grade glitter, water/aqua, Alcohol, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Microcrystaline, tocopheryl acetate,(coconut) oil, hydrogenated avocado oil, Cellulose (base film from eucalyptus trees), Styrene/acrylates copolymer (adhesive). 

❤ Use for: Body, Face, Hair 

❤ Glitters are filled by WEIGHT, not volume!

❤ U.S. Shipping: $2.75 & everywhere else: $8.99 ....... 

**Easy to Apply!** NO PRIMERS needed! Just SWIPE n' GO! Use as Highlight on FACE, BODY or HAIR! Gel goes on WET, DRIES in about a minute to a clear, iridescent, holographic or metallic lightweight finish which lasts ALL NIGHT LONG!! Mix with other cosmetics to create a whole NEW look!! 

**REMOVES Easily with makeup or baby wipes!**



XOXO, Dollz;)

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