“FairyTopia” *UV* Glitter DreamDoll Lashes Collection

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Intruding “Inked Doll’s”…
“FairyTopia” Glitter DreamDoll Lashes!

On this page you will be buying the
*ENTIRE COLLECTION!* (Save $5!) which includes:

ALL 5 Colors!

*ROYALTY* (Purple) > *NOT UV*

*FROST FAIRY* (Icy Blue)

*TINKERBELL* (Neon Green)

*WOODLAND SPRITE* (Tan/Green/Pink)

With flying unicorns and fairies, “FairyTopia” is one of the most fantastical places to visit in the mystical world!

The hills & valleys are made up of prismatic rainbow rhinestone trees, glistening clouds & crystal castles which house the top secret Raves that GLow the Magical Kingdom with *UV* at night!

These lashes has been fully glitterized with sparkles found in the Rainbow Rhinestone Valley from the Woodland Sprite, powered with *UV/BLACKLIGHT* and encrusted with iridescent ice crystals & frozen Unicorn tears from the Frost Fairy!

Our Glitter Fairies work hard to twinkle the world & create each Lash as unique as its wearer!

“FairyTopia” Glitter DreamDoll Lashes embody the magical world of dreams & escapism from reality!