*LMT. EDT* “PINK CHAMPAGNE GOLD” Deluxe Bath Bomb (Unicorn Bakerie)

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Lmt EDT. Pink Champagne Gold Deluxe Bath Bomb

Our LMT EDT. Pink Champagne Gold Bath Bomb combines Champagne oil with a sparkling aldehydic accent to create a fizzy effect for this festive fragrance!
Hints of rum liquor note the romantic scent of sweet sugared rose petals that highlight this deluxe bomb adding complexity to this sweet, feminine fragrance.

**The icing on the cake with these special Deluxe bath bombs is that they are hand dipped in fine sparkling glitter!!**

When the bomb spins it creates a foamy lather for additional moisturizing!!

Made with Shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil and sea salt that rid unwanted toxins and leave the skin silky smooth!!
Each bomb is individually shrink wrapped !!


5.5 to 6 oz.
Champagne Kisses Fragrance Oil