LiTT !! HOLOGRAPHIC Glamdoll Glitter (Fine/Chunky/Jumbo)

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Officially LiTT!! ..w/ Litt Holographic Glamdoll Glitter! ..Perfect for your Rave , Ethereal and Celestial under eye over the nose looks; Glitter tears, Glitter roots or whatever creative flow"Litt" allows your mind to travel to!

Choose from FINE, CHUNKY or JUMBO;)

❤ Available in: 5 gram jars ($5.99)

or 10 gram jars ($8.99)

❤ Weight: 1.5g - 3g

❤ Ingredients: Polyethylene Terephthalate , Aluminum, Polyurethane 33

❤ Best when used with an eyeshadow primer!

Get Primer Here!

❤ Use for: Body, Face, Hair❤ Glitters are filled by WEIGHT, not volume!

❤ U.S. Shipping: $2.75 & everywhere else: $8.99