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*ON THIS PAGE You are Purchasing ALL 6 "DEADLY VENOMS!"... Part 1 (5 grams)

...If looks could Kill.. Introducing "Inked Doll's" La Chamelea-"The DEADLY VENOMS COLLECTION" A super grade multichrome premium loose shadow collection of color shifting Chameleon flakes that shift from 2-4 colors when light hits it from different angles to create a metallic Rainbow Holographic effect!

Apply WET or DRY for a different effect!

Inspired by the mysterious reptilian chameleon & rapidly changing hues displayed through its' pigments & structural colors!

**PLZ NOTE!!**
**Due to High Demand I have brought these back BUT I BARELY made profit off the OLD 10 Gram Size; in order to make a Profit & make this a Win/Win situation I had to reduce the Size to

5 Gram but also LOWERED the price to

Thank you for your patience & understanding !!

In this set you will receive:

5 Grams ea:

VENOM:  shifts from bronze, lime-gold, green, purple & hint of orange/copper!

SNIPER:  shifts from emerald green to purple!

DEADLY KISS: shifts from green to blue to violet!

DOLLFACE KILLAH: shifts from deep purple to cobalt blue to pink!

LETHAL INJECTION: shifts from copper, red, bronze, orange and gold!

INKED WIFEY:  shifts from deep purple, cranberry, gold and lime green!


❤ FOR USA approved for use:Eyes, Face, NOT lips EU approved for use: Lips, Eyes, Face. 

❤ Vegan Friendly! Leaping Bunny Certified! 

❤ Ingredients: Mica, Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide,Bismuth Oxychloride *Eyeshadows are filled by WEIGHT not Volume !*