CINDERELLA SLIPPER (Face/Body/Hair) Glitter Gel

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You'll stay sparklin' after the clock strikes Midnight in this elegant and luminescent lavender glitter gel!

CINDERELLA SLIPPER contains an ethereal mix of lavender, rainbow crystal and chunky unicorn to create the most heavenly highlight glassy effect glitter on earth!

...Your Prince is waiting..!

❤ Available in: 

10 gram jars ($6.99) 

20 gram jar ($9.99) 

❤ Ingredients:

Cosmetic grade glitter, water/aqua, Alcohol, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Shaplies, Microcrystaline, tocopheryl acetate,(coconut) oil, hydrogenated avocado oil, Cellulose (base film from eucalyptus trees), Styrene/acrylates copolymer (adhesive). 

❤ Use for: Body, Face, Hair ❤ Glitters are filled by WEIGHT, not volume!

❤ U.S. Shipping: $2.75 & everywhere else: $8.99  

**Easy to Apply!** NO PRIMERS needed! Just SWIPE n' GO! 

*Use as Highlight on FACE, BODY or HAIR! 

*Gel goes on WET, DRIES in about a minute to a clear, iridescent, holographic or metallic lightweight finish with different shaplies which lasts ALL NIGHT LONG!! 

*Mix with other cosmetics to create a whole NEW look!! 

**REMOVES Easily with makeup or baby wipes!**