MAJESTY “FairyTopia” Glitter DreamDoll Lashes

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Intruding “Inked Doll’s”…
“FairyTopia” Glitter DreamDoll Lashes!

*MAJESTY* (Purple)> *NOT UV*

With flying unicorns and fairies, “FairyTopia” is one of the most fantastical places to visit in the mystical world!

The hills & valleys are made up of prismatic rainbow rhinestone trees, glistening clouds & crystal castles which house the top secret Raves in this Fairytale  Kingdom!

These lashes has been fully glitterized with sparkles found in the Rainbow Rhinestone Valley from the Woodland Sprite and encrusted with iridescent ice crystals & frozen Unicorn tears from the Frost Fairy!

Our Glitter Fairies work hard to spread the sparkle to the world & create each Lash as unique as its wearer!

“FairyTopia” Glitter DreamDoll Lashes embody the magical world of dreams & escapism from reality!