"Unicorn Bakerie" DUO SET! *SUGAR SKULL/UNICORN HORN* Dessert Bath Bombs

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We have made special DUO SETS for the launch of “Inked Doll’s” Brand *NEW* 
mouthwatering and CUTE AF "CBD" Dessert Bath Bombs!! Save $2 when you buy this DUO!!

Featuring: Pastel Rainbow SUGAR SKULL & UNICORN HORN  Dessert Bath Bombs!

Pastel Rainbow SUGAR SKULL Bath Bomb:

Let the fruity scents of Rainbow Sherbert haunt your bathroom while the tangy aroma of pineapple, sweet strawberries and citrus sends chills down your spine with this sensationally cute n' spooky kawaii bath bomb! 

Pastel Rainbow UNICORN HORN  Bath Bomb:

This Rainbow sherbet scented bath bomb infused with the aroma of tangy pineapple, sweet raspberries, and citrus is sure to bring a little magic to your bath!!  

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, SLSA*, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Natural Colorants.3.5 oz.  


Fill your bathtub as desired, step inside, and get comfortable. When you are ready to release your bath bomb, gently submerge it in the water and allow it to fizz. Surrender your mind and body to the spa-like environment while basking in the sweet fruity fragrance!

About us:

"Unicorn Bakerie" products are always handcrafted in small batches with ethical ingredients, love, and integrity!! We never test our products on animals! Each product is packed full of healing, nourishing, and beneficial organic ingredients found in nature! From our essential oils we use, to the scents we pick for our unique blends, to the creative themed bath bakery style bomb and over the top creative packaging we love to make; the focus never strays from making and delivering the highest quality product shipped right to your doorstep!

XOXO, Harmony;) 

***This is not actual food; PLEASE DO NOT EAT!!